Arbor Day and Earth Day downtown

I should have been finishing up my Meeting Summary or perhaps monitoring the discussion about the parade drama on, but instead I was downtown Saturday morning enjoying Arbor Day and Earth Day events. 

Like a ride in the DPW’s tree trimming “bucket.”  The man operating the bucket said we went up about 60 feet in the air.  I might have taken more pictures, but I was scared out of my wits and could barely unclench my hands from the side of the bucket. 

LookingDownSmall.jpg SouthPleasantSmall.jpg

Then there was the tree dedication ceremony in Sweetser Park honoring Stan Ziomek for his many MANY years as Tree Warden, just one among countless ways he has served Amherst. 


Amherst legends Stephen Puffer and Stan Ziomek share a laugh before the ceremony. 


State Rep. Ellen Story delivers a tribute to Stan while new Tree Warden Alan Snow (far left) looks on. 


Grandson Nathaniel helps the Man of Honor shovel dirt on to the base of the dedication tree. 


cjh said:

Nice pictures!

If you ever get a chance you should get to the top of the Grace Church tower. I always thought there was a real floor and wall up there. Nope, just a sloping lead roof and these two foot tall stubs of rock every spaced around it. Evenly and widely spaced around it.

Note the guy sitting on the roof with his knees almost sticking up over the crenelations.

You'd love it!

Eva Schiffer said:

Lovely pictures of a lovely day!

The tall man next to the short woman, seen directly behind and between Stan and Ellen, is Tom "Sully" Sullivan, former head of the
DPW's tree crew for many years, now retired.

The adorable and already well-trained toddler is the son of Dan Ziomek, well known to happy customers of Hadley Garden Supply.

Eva said:

I am told that "Sully" is in Florida and was not at the tree planting. Sorry for the hallucinatory report.



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