Because you can never have too many blogs and web sites, right?

Beginning this new adventure as a Select Board member is happening at the same time that I’m trying to catch up on about 10 weeks of life that occurred while I was busy with the campaign, so to say I’m a little behind on a few things would be an understatement. 

But this site shows the beginnings of how I am hoping to chronicle my Select Board experience and provide information on the Select Board’s work.  This is different enough from the framework of the inAmherst.com site that I decided it needed its own dedicated location, so this is it. 

Here’s what I’m thinking:  the Blog section will be me talking about anything related to my Select Board service.  The Meeting Summaries section will be –yes! – summaries of the meetings.  The Timely Information section will be information, links and specific details that will expand on or better inform readers about the issues before the Select Board. 

What does this mean for inAmherst.com?  Time will tell.  The couple of missing recaps will be finished as soon as I can manage that, and perhaps I will be able to return to writing about non-SB stuff on that site.  Or maybe I’m being too optimistic about that.  I hope not, but we’ll see. 

The recaps on this site will be different, by necessity, and so I’m calling them Meeting Summaries.  I can’t take the same kind of notes and still participate in the meetings, and I can’t spend as much time afterwards as the recaps required, so I will try to convey almost as much information in a new format.  We’ll see how this goes, and adjust as necessary. 

My goal is for these summaries to be posted the day following the Select Board meeting.  The summary of my first meeting – April 7th – will be up this weekend. 

So welcome to my latest web endeavor, and please let me know what I can do to make this site serve you better. 


Eva Schiffer said:

Sounds very good!
Good luck with this new venture!




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