Whole lotta Amherst

This was just one of those great Saturdays.  It could only have been better with sunshine.

We walked downtown this morning to partake of opening day of the Farmers Market.  The perfect place to see friends and neighbors – and get spinach, goat cheese and olive bread.  Luckily, reality trumped optimism and I successfully resisted the urge to buy starter trays of lettuce and other greens.  Someday I may learn to garden, but this is not that day. 

Next, we went to Lone Wolf, my favorite breakfast place.  The first decision is always:  what’s my mood – sweet or savory?  This was a savory day, and the omelet special with Hadley asparagus and dilled havarti did not disappoint.

Then it was back to the Common for the League of Women Voters book sale.  Talk about seeing everyone you know!  And lots of cheap books being sold for a good cause.  Like we need more books.  My two favorite purchases:  the UMass yearbook from 1976 – the year my father graduated, without a yearbook; and a sweet little hardcover from the days when bookbinding was an art, called “The Cheery Chime of Garth,” written by “Mrs. Prosser.”  I don’t even know what it’s about, but the pages are delicate and lovely, and there is an inscription in the front to a Sunday School student from his teacher, dated April 5, 1875. 

On to coffee at Amherst Coffee.  A great spot for watching people stroll by on Amity. 

Later in the afternoon, I went to the Survival Center for its open house.  On the way, I saw plenty of celebrating students, and a few police bicycle patrols keeping things orderly.  The Survival Center is looking terrific, and the Board and staff are doing a lot of good outreach to bring the public in to learn about the work the Center does to serve many needs in our community.  I was delighted to see former Director Vangie Westcott there, along with other staff and volunteers from my days on that Board. 

Went across the street for a couple slices of pizza at River Shark Café.  What a funky and colorful place!  While there, I was thinking that Cushman Market is pretty funky and colorful too.  They’ve definitely got a good vibe going on at that end of town.    

Some Saturdays I don’t even manage to leave the house.  Today was like a sampler of much that Amherst has to offer. 



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