ACTV stuff, Town Meeting merchandise and yes, pictures from the Trivia Bee.

Lots of good stuff on ACTV Channel 17 – the epic Saturday SB meeting (currently scheduled only on 10/31 and 11/1 – I hope they add more times next week, because it is an important meeting,) the League’s Candidates Night forum, the TMCC/Community Choices discussion, the warrant review, and more.  Check the schedule here.  I assume the Trivia Bee will be on before too long – probably on Channel 15 – but it isn’t on the schedule yet as I write this.

Word play: Long-time readers know my husband is a rather clever fellow.  His latest bit of inspiration takes the Fall Town Meeting Warrant, turns its language into a word cloud (with word size representing frequency; learn more here) and makes that design available on T-shirts, coffee mugs and more, via CafePress.  (If you’re interested, learn more about how CafePress works here.)   And if that weren’t already wacky and wonky enough, all proceeds will benefit the Amherst 250th Anniversary Celebration.  Get your Fall TM merch now – it’s what all the cool kids will have this season.  Also good for holiday shopping.   Yes, the O’Keeffe household desperately needs a hobby that has nothing to do with town government. 

The Bee:  And here are some pictures from the Trivia Bee.  Mary Carey has more, plus video.    

Bee1.jpgGoldilocks Musante, Baby Bear O'Keeffe, Papa Bear Weiss and Mama Bear Brewer.  The School Committee team is in the grad gear behind us.

Bee2.jpgI think "Sarah Palin" and the Wasilla crowd made me shiver, blurring the photo.  This is Scott Merzbach, Nick Grabbe, Mary Carey and Dave Perlmutter, for those of you who only read the paper rather than interact with it.

Bee3.jpgFrequent commenter Rich Morse on the far right, with his merry band of wags. 

Bee4.jpgRecent SBer and "maskmatician" Rob Kusner

Bee5.jpgThese folks "went to sleep" after each question.  Very cute -- and good costumes.  My footie pajamas would have gone well with their bathrobes.


Eva Schiffer said:

Great pictures, Stephanie and Mary, both! Sorry neither of you won!
Happy late birthday, Mary!

Eva Schiffer said:

About the replay of the Saturday, October 25 Select Board meeting: I too hope that ACTV will repeat it next week, and that a lot of people will watch it. It is really important, and (speaking from my frustrating experience tonight)well worth suffering through the audio problems.

Clare Bertrand said:

Your pictures are great. Your good humor in dressing up for the event was the best. Kudos to you all, you helped make the event a huge success. I had never been to the Trivia Bee before but I can now encourage everyone, This is a MUST attend event! The enthusiasm and side-splitting laughs are worth your time. Put it on your calendar for next year.

Richard Morse said:

It is simply the best civic event of the year.

And an event so much in the spirit of Amherst: it depends on the flashy display of useless knowledge, not unlike certain speeches in Town Meeting, but a lot more fun.

It was a pleasure to watch Select Board members working together. The stare-down on Amherst trivia between the Town Manager and Master Brewer was alone worth the price of admission. I'm sure that those moments will be on young Brewer's mental highlight reel for the rest of his life, and rightfully so.

Always a wonderful time.

On the October 25th Select Board meeting, I watched the section involving the Town Clerk and her poignant discussion about serving the public; treating people with dignity, respect, and kindness; and how all that has been affected by budget cuts. For those who choose to bash away at town government and the people who serve in it (like the nasty cartoonist at the Bulletin), this meeting is must viewing, if only for the sake of fairness.

It's important to point out that, yes, there are people in government who act like bureaucrats, but there are many of us who fight the stereotype every single day, who remember who is paying our salaries.

Mary Carey said:

Oh, hello. What just happened a few days ago? Is it already Nov. 7 and I'm just seeing these fabulous photos and the Town Meeting merchandise now? Wow! This is very impressive. I'd forgotten about the amazing showdown between young Brewer and the town manager and I didn't realize the bee is going to be on TV.



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