Little bits of information about Select Board stuff

Staff Questionnaires:  I am relieved and gratified that we received about 70 completed questionnaires for the Town Manager’s evaluation.  I was worried that after all that – the discussions, the logistics -- we would get back two.  Or three.  But 70 out of 270 seems like a very solid return, and I really appreciate that so many people took the time to do that. 

Being SAFE:  Alisa, Larry and I went to the SAFE graduation last night, where all the fourth graders are celebrated for completing the Student Awareness of Fire Education program.  It was a great turnout – lots of kids and parents, Ellen Story, Fire Chiefs from the area towns, the State Fire Marshal, reps from the schools, plenty of firefighters.  It began with a safety fair, with lots of equipment outside and displays inside, followed by the graduation ceremony.  To start that off, they showed a video from the program of a house fire burning in real time – showing how it started in a wastebasket in the living room, how the flames and smoke spread, how long it took for the smoke detector to sound, how long it took to be visible from outside the house – with a voiceover ticking down how much time had passed, what the temperatures were, what escape options were eliminated.  Absolutely frightening.  One of the speakers said that every year at least one parent complains that the program scares their kids, but he said that the program teaches the kids what to do in a scary situation.  It was powerful.  There was a lot of emphasis on how the kids are now the fire safety experts and must help to keep their families safe.  I may need to rent a kid for this purpose.  I was watching that video and thinking, “I am surrounded by fourth graders who all know more about this than I do.”  Luckily, back in the day, we at least had PSAs on TV with – was it Dick VanDyke? – teaching us to “stop, drop and roll,” which is better than nothing.  But it doesn’t compare to SAFE.  Quite a program.  With a very informative web site. 

Double Dipping:  I was double booked for last night, which is not uncommon these days.  I was thinking that I could go to the beginning of the SAFE thing, then head over to the meeting about next steps in the Lincoln Ave. traffic calming effort.  But as it turned out, I was seated on the stage.  You don’t exactly slip out when you’re seated next to the podium, under the bright lights.  Worked out well though, because I got to enjoy the whole SAFE program.   I did miss 90% of the other meeting, but DPW Superintendent Guilford Mooring generously stayed later and gave me a recap.  The info from his presentation will be on the Town web site soon, and I’ll link to it when it’s up. 

Rescheduled:  Last Saturday, we didn’t get to finish all the departmental budget presentations.  The remaining ones – Community Development, Senior Center and LSSE – will take place at our next meeting, November 3rd.

Trivia Bee:  Thursday, October 30th at 7:00 p.m. is the Annual AEF Trivia Bee at the Middle School auditorium.  There are a couple dozen teams of four competing, and the Select Board is one of them.  Actually, it’s three-quarters of the Select Board, because Diana is not available, so John Musante is joining us.  And did I mention that we’ll be in costume?  There will be prizes, raffles and a bake sale. All proceeds benefit the schools.  Come on down and cheer us on.  Or laugh at us.  Whichever.  It’s for a good cause.

Soon We’ll be Five:  The Select Board has had only four members for two months since Anne resigned, but next week takes care of that.  Don’t forget to get a local ballot in addition to the presidential ballot when you go to the polls. 


Rob said:

Trivia Bee: Hey, how come you didn't ask... me?! (Didn't you once call me a know-it-all? Wait! I don't know the answer to the first question... so I guess that means I *don't* know everything after all! ;-)

Have fun - I'll be rooting for you guys!

Eva Schiffer said:

Your report about the SAFE graduation brings back memories. I always enjoyed attending so much. A really fine program.

Good luck tonight at the Trivia Bee, where you'll be competing against the team of my computer tech., among many others! Looking forward to watching the replay.



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