February 2, 2009 Post-Meeting List

No meeting summary again today - sorry.  But here's another post-meeting list, as sent this morning to Kate, the Select Board and the Town Manager.  



  Unanimously to elect Alisa as the Select Board representative to the Regional Elementary School Study Committee

  Unanimously to support the Parking Task Force's plan to deter meter feeding in order to make prime parking spots more available to customers of downtown businesses

  Unanimously to support Larry's and John's recommendation to close the gap created by the State's mid-year FY09 cuts as outlined: by using one-time revenues reimbursing already-appropriated funds, to include the grant from the WiIdwood roof project, and possible grant money for fire apparatus, stimulus money from the Bangs Center roof project, or a one-month health insurance premium "holiday," as appropriate

  Unanimously to approve the Town Manager goals for FY09, as amended (Stephanie will make the edits and submit the goals to the Town Manager as a memo, on behalf of the Select Board)

Agreed, without voting:

  To appoint Gerry as Select Board representative to the Audit Committee, and that if he isn't available when they plan to meet, that we will appoint someone else next week instead

  That Diana will draft a letter to legislators expressing the Select Board's support for allowing municipalities more flexibility in health care plan design, and support for single payer health care

  That Alisa will draft a letter to legislators expressing the Select Board's support for the Governor's proposed "Municipal Partnership II" initiatives

  That both letters will be sent to Senator Rosenberg, Representative Story, Senate President Murray, Speaker of the House DeLeo, Governor Patrick, and the MMA

  That Aaron will explore options for aligning with a coalition of communities from Western Massachusetts to lobby the legislature regarding the distinct needs of this region, and will report back to the Select Board as he learns more

  That Stephanie will, through Larry, ask Town Counsel: 1)  if the citation in the Amherst Town Government Act about the Select Board approving contracts over $1 million applies to labor contracts; 2) if a change to the language of the Amherst Town Government Act or MGL would be required to allow Select Board representation at the table for collective bargaining, and if that is possible; 3) to what degree and with what specificity the Town Manager could inform or involve the Select Board in collective bargaining strategy determination and progress updates without violating the requirements for bargaining in good faith; 4) whether other communities in Massachusetts give their Select Boards an official role in collective bargaining (having a seat at the negotiating table, being the ratifying body or other)  and what those models looks like

  That the Town Manager should have a strong collaboration with the next School Superintendent, and that a performance goal in FY10 may be to explore a more coordinated budget creation process between the Town and School administration

  To support a monthly Select Board report, to be written by Stephanie and to be put up on the Town web site and published in the Bulletin (if the Bulletin is willing; Stephanie will find out)

  To send any suggestions on the January Select Board report draft to Stephanie in time for an edited version to be included in our packets this week, for approval at the 2/9 meeting (we did not specify a deadline for getting those edits to me, but I suggest Thursday morning, to give me the opportunity to incorporate the changes) 


  That a map showing the location and duration of different parking options be included on the back of the flier about pending enforcement of the bylaw prohibiting meter feeding

  That the details of the money being used to close the FY09 gap be made clear for Town Meeting

  That the information for the 2/9 litigation update be provided as a document in our packets, listing who is suing the Town, the nature of the litigation, and the cost to the Town of each suit to date

  An update at the next meeting on Town Counsel's opinion as to whether or not a warrant article is required for updating the Town's human rights language

  That the cut list for the municipal budget be ready for the Wednesday 2/25 meeting, in preparation for the 3/2 Budget Coordinating Group meeting

Items to be added to the 2/2 agenda: (oops: should say 2/9 agenda)

  Approval of the 1/21 minutes (postponed due to time, and not everyone had read them)

  Discussion of how to encourage the posting of committee minutes (postponed due to time)

Materials to be brought back for the next meeting:

  1/21 draft minutes



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