February 23, 2009 Post-Meeting List

Another post-meeting list, as sent this morning to Kate, the Select Board and the Town Manager:


  Unanimously to approve the WMECO pole, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the two special liquor licenses, per the motion sheet

  To approve the minutes of the 2/9 meeting as amended, by a 4 to 0 vote, 1 abstention (Brewer)

  Unanimously to approve the Common Victualler's License for Papa Gino's, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the appointments of Yuri Friman to the Town/Commercial Relations Committee, and Juliana Dupre to the Kanegasaki Sister City Committee, per the motion sheet

Agreed, without voting:

  That concerns expressed to SB members regarding meeting broadcast issues be directed to Larry to pursue with the ACTV Executive Director and Board

  To approve with small edits the draft letter requesting that boards, commissions and committees post agendas and minutes on the web site; (edits include the addition of a request to update us on their efforts by a date certain in mid-April;) that the letter will be sent this week to all committee chairs; and that Stephanie will write brief notes on the letters to those that are already making info available the web

  That Diana will revise as necessary the letter recently sent to State legislators which expressed Select Board support for single-payer health care, and send the new version to appropriate Federal legislators


  An update on and copy of the Town's vehicle usage policy, once finalized

  That a complete Town-wide vehicle inventory list be made easily-accessible (during the course of Larry's vehicle study, or as a result of its completion, with the sense of the Select Board being that this shouldn't be difficult information to get)

  Updated chart showing fire department shift staffing, in relation to reduced overtime for FY10

  That the municipal "cut list" and the LSSE unitization study report be e-mailed to the SB on Tuesday (2/24) so that we might review both prior to our 2/25 budget meeting

  That the SB think about whether we want more specific citation in the minutes of who expressed an idea or gave a report; there is less reference to individual members by name in the current style

  That the SB be provided with a report on any liquor license violations and resolutions prior to annual license renewals; also to have Larry find out if we would still need to be notified of these incidents as they occur

Items to be added to the 3/2 agenda:

  Larry will report on the Town's policy and procedure for posting legal notices in the newspaper and on the web site (postponed from 2/23 because didn't have opportunity to gather the info)

  Gerry will report on the meetings between Town officials and the three Superintendent candidates

  Alisa will report on Annual Report status and plans

Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily 3/2:

  Consideration of Select Board duties, per annotated Amherst Town Government Act supplied by Dave Keenan, if the SB deems that useful

Materials to be saved and brought forward to the next meeting:



Neil said:

Stephanie, Take a look back at some of the posts you made before you took on the new role (in which by the way you're doing a great job.) You talked about things you'd like to see changed. I wonder if you could find a way to discuss these things even if it's only in terms of changes already implemented. If it's time you don't have, then let it go. If it's finding a way to talk about them, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks, Neil. I've been thinking along those lines too. I plan to do a piece about my year on the SB: the difference of being on the inside, changes and challenges, and sitting in the Chair chair. Look for it in a few weeks.

Larry Kelley said:

A few weeks?

Hmmm...in Internet time that's older than you are!

"My 11 months on the Select Board" lacks a certain je ne sais quoi...

Neil said:

Larry, think souffle or baby not 100m sprint.



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