February 9, 2009 Post-Meeting List

Another post-meeting list, as sent this morning to Kate, the Select Board and the Town Manager.


  Unanimously, in a single vote, to approve 10 Special Wine and Malt Licenses and 1 Special All-Alcohol License, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the new ambulance rates, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the new sewer rate, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the new water rate, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to approve the appointment of Thomas Ehrgood to the ZBA as an associate member filling the unexpired term of Ted Rising, for a term to expire June 30, 2009

  Unanimously to approve the appointment of Michael Jacques to the Town/Commercial Relations Committee, for a term to expire June 30, 2012

  To approve the minutes of the January 21 Select Board meeting as amended, 3 in favor, 1 abstaining (O'Keeffe) and 1 absent (Brewer)

  To approve the minutes of the January 26 Select Board meeting as amended, 4 in favor, 1 absent (Brewer)

  To approve the minutes of the February 2 Select Board meeting as amended, 4 in favor, 1 abstention (Brewer)


Agreed, without votes:

  To ask Town Counsel if section 3.253 of the ATGA applies to labor contracts, because the total package is more than $1 million; or does it not apply, because each negotiation covers increases that total less than $1 million

  To ask Town Counsel for a list of some communities using different models for Select Board-involvement in collective bargaining

  To take up the issue of an expanded Select Board role in collective bargaining after receiving written reply from Town Counsel on these and our previous questions

  That Gerry will work with the Human Rights Commission to have them request that all administrative language about non-discrimination be updated to include protections for gender identification and expression; and to draft a warrant article to similarly update the Town's Human Rights Bylaw (and noting that they may wish to include genetic discrimination language in the update as well)

  To ask the Public Works Committee to consider the adequacy of the sidewalk plowing policy, and the range of options (from keeping the status quo, to plowing every sidewalk in town,) particularly as it relates to the downtown area; and whether they think this should be considered at this time, or wait for Master Plan issues, the possible establishment of a Business Improvement District, etc.;  and to ultimately make a recommendation to the Select Board; Stephanie will convey this request to the PWC

  Per the lobbying letters:  that Diana and Alisa will consider the small revisions suggested by the Select Board, and apply them as they deem appropriate; and determine to whom to address the letters and whom to cc;

  That Stephanie will incorporate the suggested edits in to the January 2009 Select Board Report; that it will be posted on the web site, and that hard copies will be made available at locations such as the Jones Library, the Senior Center, the Central Services Desk, and the Town Clerk's desk

  That Stephanie will draft a letter (for consideration at the next SB meeting) to committees expressing the Select Board's expectation of and encouragement for posting committee agendas and minutes on the Town web site, and to include some information about options for accomplishing this:  via the staff liaison, via authorizing a committee member to be trained by Kris Pacunas; and via similarly authorizing a volunteer outside of the committee



  That discussion with the Superintendents about securing future Town Meeting dates emphasize that Mondays and Wednesdays are the priority and Thursdays are the back-up

  Information about the policy for posting legal notices in newspapers and the cost and timing considerations of expanding notification to include the Amherst Bulletin, if it is not already part of the policy; and information about the policy and procedure for posting such notices on the Town web site

  Year-to-date water usage information for FY09

  That the litigation update occur at some regular interval - perhaps yearly - and to include in the update the status of each case (open, settled) and additional info as necessary, such as whether a Town Meeting appropriation was  needed for settlement

  That Select Board members be notified when the lobbying letters are ready to be signed in the office (some my opt for the signature stamp)

  That the BCG reps ask that body at its next meeting (in March) if it feels the FCCC's recommendations are being taken into account as part of the FY10 budget process, and to report back to the SB about that


Items to be added to the 2/23 agenda:

  Draft letter to committees regarding posting agendas and minutes


Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily 2/23:

  Discussion about how to proceed regarding a Select Board role in collective bargaining

  Update from BCG reps regarding FCCC report role in FY10 budget process (3/2 meeting)


Materials to be saved and brought forward to next meeting:

  Vehicle inventory list from packet


Neil said:

Like a Swiss watch.... Stephanie makes the trains run on time.

TickTickChooChoo said:

It was the Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini who is reputed to have "made the trains run on time" - in fact, they did not. One hopes Stephanie and her followers *don't* aspire to that sort of reputation....

"One hopes..." said:

... pompous gasbag.

Anonymous said:

TickTickChooChoo smells to be YourAdmirer, an ARA candidate.

Neil said:

Are you getting the finances straightened out? How about operations? Keep up the good work Stephanie and don't get burned out. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Larry Kelley said:

I think the Space Aliens got her.

Could be worse: could have moved to South Hadley.

Whoops -- sorry. SB stuff gets busy, and the web site gets short shrift. Thanks for staying interested!



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