March 16, 2009 Post-Meeting List

The post meeting list from the March 16th meeting, as sent to Kate, the Select Board and the Town Manager today. 


  Unanimously to sign the Earth Hour proclamation

  Unanimously to approve the Seasonal Liquor License for Cherry Hill, per the motion sheet

  To approve the minutes of March 9th as amended, in a vote of 4 in favor, 1 abstaining (Brewer) [Corrected 3/18 -- had erroneously said March 6th]

  By informal straw vote with majority support to request that the Select Board receive 10 years of employee wage data prior to Town Meeting, as described in Gerry's 3/5/09 document, titled "Wages in Town and School Government"

  Unanimously to revise the charge for the Local Historic District Study Committee, changing the membership number from 5 to 7, and inserting a committee end date of 6/30/12

  Unanimously, in a single vote, to appoint Lynda Faye, William Gillen, Jerry Guidera, Wendy Kohler, Ernestine Sawicki, Philip Shaver and James Wald to the LHDSC, with the minutes to reflect the MGL-required representations of each appointee

   Unanimously to approve granting Special Municipal Employee Status to the LHDSC

Agreed, without votes:

  To approve Diana's letter lobbying for a National single-payer health care system, with minor edits suggested

  That a copy of the final signed letter be posted on the Select Board web page

  That Alisa and Diana would consider the issue of how to implement the Select Board's change in policy/practice to no longer grant automatic second terms to committee members and to no longer limit membership to two concurrent terms.  They will look at how that affects the current procedures for notifying people about the end of their current terms, and make a recommendation to the Select Board.  Additionally, they will consider possible alternatives to the current "dyad" system of committee appointments, and might possibly address other committee-related issues

  That further consideration will be given to the proposed revisions to the committee liaison document, with a goal of wrapping that up at the 3/23 meeting

  That Gerry would talk to Nancy Gordon to learn more about her plans for a possible private survey on attitudes about tax override attitudes, and report back to the Select Board


Per the bylaw enforcement issue:

  That the Town put Agnes Ting in touch with the landlord association headed by Steve Walczak

  That the Select Board receive updates on the tracking and resolution of complaints at the East Pleasant street addresses and the Amity Street property, to include zoning, code, noise and nuisance house bylaw issues, per each location

  That UMass be notified about the issues and that its involvement be sought in addressing specific and ongoing concerns

  That Kerry Strayer receives copies of the letters and parking plans he requested

  That the Housing Partnership/Fair Housing Committee also be notified of the issues

Per other issues:

  That Judith be informed to not prepare and send the current version of letters regarding committee reappointments; and that Alisa and Diana will be coordinating with her about that issue

To be added to the 3/23 agenda:

  Update from Larry on when the wage data can be expected

  Approval of the Committee Liaison document revisions

To be added to a future agenda, not necessarily 3/23:

  Periodic updates on the bylaw enforcement issues as detailed above

Materials to be brought back to the next meeting:

  The proposed revisions to the committee liaison document and thoughts on them



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