March 9, 2009 Post-Meeting List

The post-meeting list from the March 9th meeting, sent to Kate, the Select Board and the Town Manager yesterday, and re-sent today with small revisions:


   To approve the minutes of March 4th as amended, in a vote of 3 in favor, 2 abstentions (Weiss, Brewer)

  Unanimously, with a single vote, to appoint John Townsend to the Public Art Commission, and Kathleen Woods Masalski to the Kanegasaki Sister City Committee, per the motion provided

Agreed without votes:

  To approve the February Select Board Report as written

  To reschedule the April 20th Select Board meeting to April 22nd at 6:30 p.m., because of the Patriots Day holiday; and to meet in the First Floor meeting room unless a better venue can be found to accommodate both the warrant article presentations that will be taking place that night, and ACTV

  That the sense of the Select Board was to support Earth Hour, 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., March 28, 2009, with a proclamation to be signed next week

  That we would not request that the Town Manager change the order of his plans for in-depth departmental data analysis, despite some members feeling that Public Safety info might be more useful sooner rather than later

  That any revisions to the current liaison policy document can be suggested, and that those should be submitted to Kate by end of day Thursday, 3/12 for next week's packet

  That Stephanie will have the materials from Dave Keenan distributed to all the SB members, and that if any member would like to further pursue any of the issues raised, he or she should inform Stephanie

  That Diana would represent the Select Board at a reception for Russian visitors (Stan Rosenberg's program); she will welcome them and bring greetings on behalf of the entire Select Board



Items to be added to the 3/16 agenda:

  A proclamation in support of Earth Hour

  An update on what the Town Meeting warrant looks like -- number and nature of warrant articles -- as part of the Chair's Report

  An update on the Annual Report, to be a weekly item

 Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily 3/9:

  Discussion about which of us will serve on the Police and Fire Chief search panels (Gerry and Diana have already indicated interest)

  Discussion of how the Town's health insurance plans work, with co-pay info, etc.

  Discussion about participation in the Hadley 350th parade, and whether we walk, build a float, etc.

Materials to be brought back for the next meeting:

  The liaison policy document, the Appointed Committee Handbook, Gerry's document about wages


Larry Kelley said:

Tell Mr. Weiss that Hadley will not be happy if he marches in their parade carrying an anti-war placard.



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