Snowed out

Tonight's Select Board meeting (March 2nd) has been canceled, due to the snow.  [UPDATE -  10:24 a.m.:  the meeting is rescheduled for Wednesday, 3/4 at 6:30 p.m. in the First Floor Meeting Room.]

This was kind of a tough decision, actually, since the weather should clear up later.  But I had been thinking about it over the weekend, and I talked to Gerry yesterday, and we both thought that if Town Hall is shut down - and it is - then the public would reasonably assume that public Town Hall meetings are canceled as well.  Holding the meeting wouldn't feel right under those circumstances.

I hope to reschedule for Wednesday, but I need to see if a quorum's worth of us could be present for that first, so I'll let you know.  [It's official, per above.]

Considering how tough this winter has been, I'm surprised we haven't had to deal with a cancellation before now. 


Larry Kelley said:

Well it's not like you get a lot of the general public at your meetings anyway; that's why it's important for ACTV to broadcast them (properly) so folks don't have to trudge to Town Hall. And even better when they start livestreaming on the web.

True, and that makes it kind of a tough call. But I'm comfortable with this decision and I will propose that the SB consider making it a policy (i.e., if weather shuts down Town Hall, the meeting is automatically canceled; if Town Hall has a delayed opening, the meeting is still on.) It may be better to not have a policy, and decide on a case-by-case basis -- for example, if a public hearing were scheduled, with abutters having been notified, etc., it might be better to hold the meeting. But it is worth talking about. In the meantime, I'll enjoy a rare Monday night at home.

EvaSchiffer said:

This streaming is great for catching up!

By the way, it turns out that ACTV is also closed today because of the weather. So, knowing whether or not your meeting could be covered might be yet another factor for you to consider.



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