April 27, 2009 Post-Meeting List


  Unanimously to approve the taxi drivers licenses for Frank Orlando Jr. and Monique Santos, in a single vote, combining the motions provided (and correcting Mr. Orlando's address, which was right on the paperwork, but had an error in the motion.)

  To recommend Article 19 - CPAC Open Space -- Johnson property, in a vote of 4 in favor, 1 abstention (Weiss); Aaron will speak to this at Town Meeting

  To recommend Article 20 - CPAC Open Space - Olendzki property, in a vote of 4 in favor, 1 abstention (Weiss); Aaron will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to recommend Article 24, Reserve Fund; Diana will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to recommend Article 25 - Capital Program - Chapter 90; Gerry will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to increase fines for parking violations in bus stops, per the motion provided (amended to make the correction: "effective" May 30th)

  Unanimously to approve the Special Liquor License for a UMass event, per the motion sheet

Agreed, without votes:

  To sign the letter provided to the Select Board, in support of the block grant proposal made by the Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Collaborative

  That any Select Board member interested in attending the Tree City USA Awards Conference on May 8th in Sturbridge, should contact Diana for more information

  To defer a recommendation on Article 22 - FY10 Operating Budget

  To defer a recommendation on Article 26 - Capital Program - Equipment

  To defer a recommendation on Article 27 - Capital Program - Buildings & Facilities

  To defer a recommendation on Article 29 - Free Cash

  To defer a recommendation on Article 30 - Stabilization

  To deal with revisions to the Appointed Committee Handbook after Town Meeting

  That each SB member would look into the status of agenda and minutes web postings for the boards and committees to which we are liaison, and follow up with them directly

  That we will sign a letter to MassHighway (to be provided by Rob Kusner) in support of federal stimulus money for completing the Manhan Rail Trail

Agreed, without votes, regarding the Select Board's Town Meeting plans:

  That Select Board meetings held in the Music Room would be scheduled for 45 or 50 minutes, to allow us to get in to the auditorium on time

  That meetings in the Music Room would not include public comment, and that if members of the public have an issue to address with us during that time, that they should call or e--mail us to see if we can otherwise accommodate them on the agenda

  That while we hope to not have to meet before every TM session, we can't know yet which of those scheduled times won't be necessary, so we will keep all our currently-scheduled pre-TM meetings and decide at each one whether to keep or cancel the next one

  That if Town Meeting doesn't meet on any of its scheduled dates, the Select Board would still meet on those Mondays (and would do so at Town Hall, rather than the ARMS Music Room) but would cancel any non-Monday meetings (including the 5/27 date, even though it is the only SB meeting scheduled that week)

  That when speaking to Article 1, Diana will thank all the boards and committees, on behalf of the Select Board, whose work has served Town Meeting and contributed to the creation of the warrant articles

  That the Select Board will receive the draft scripts ahead of time, so that we know the speaking order and motions for the articles (noted also as a request below)

  That in the interest of efficiency, we will take a minimalist approach to speaking to recommendations on the articles, adding new or additional info when necessary, but otherwise letting "for all the reasons previously stated" suffice


  That the Audit Report information and 3rd quarter budget update be made available in the appropriate places on the Town web site

  That Stephanie and Diana, as JCPC reps, be able to explain to Town Meeting why the Library and Town Hall maintenance work in the capital plan is not eligible for CPA funds

  That we receive in our next packets a copy of the e-mail Gerry sent to the Housing Partnership/Fair Housing Committee with questions about how CPA funds might address the expiration of Rolling Green's affordability requirement in 2013, and the risk of the town's affordable housing stock falling below the 10% threshold

  That the Select Board get copies in the next week or two of the new letters regarding expiring committee appointments  (Alisa and Diana are handling this)

  That the Select Board get a copy of the letter we sent to committees about posting agendas and minutes on the web, and a copy of the status report on such postings that Mary Streeter had sent to us (Stephanie is handling this)

  That information about the Health Department's May 19th social justice documentary screening and event be posted on the Town web site

  That the Select Board receive the draft Town Meeting scripts ahead of time, so that we know the speaking order and motions for the articles (Stephanie will handle this or coordinate it with Kate)

  That Alisa gets us more information about the Hadley 350th Parade, so we can decide whether to walk, be on a float, be in a classic car, etc.

  That in the interest of saving paper, we no longer receive agendas, minutes and decisions of Planning Board, ZBA and  Design Review Board in our packets, and instead receive just their agendas by e-mail

Items to be added to the 5/4 agenda:

  Signing the letter in support of Federal stimulus funds for completing the Manhan Rail Trail

  Briefing on the Health Department's grant-funded work about how inequality affects health

  Approval of the 4/13 and 4/22 minutes, distributed at this meeting

Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily for the next meeting:

  Personnel Proposal discussion - postponed due to late hour and to allow for more research; Gerry will let Stephanie know when it is ready to be scheduled again

Materials to be brought back to the next meeting:

  Draft minutes from 4/13 and 4/22



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