April 6, 2009 Post-Meeting List


  To elect Stephanie as Chair, in a vote of 4 in favor, 1 absent (Brewer)

  Unanimously to keep the system of rotating the Vice Chair position alphabetically among members on a monthly basis

  Unanimously to elect Aaron as Clerk

  Unanimously to approve the Common Victualler's License for J's Cuisine, per the motion sheet

  Unanimously to proclaim April 25, 2009 Arbor Day in Amherst

  Unanimously to authorize the flying of the Children's Memorial Flag in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, per the motion provided

  Unanimously to elect Gerry as Select Board representative to the Police Chief search panel

  Unanimously to elect Aaron as Select Board representative to the Fire Chief Search panel

  Unanimously to recommend the zoning bylaw article on Taxi Services; Alisa will speak to this at Town Meeting

  To recommend the zoning bylaw article on the Municipal Parking District, in a vote of 3 in favor, 2 opposed (Weiss, Stein); Aaron will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to recommend the zoning bylaw article on B-G & B-VC Lot Frontage; Gerry will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to include the Select Board in the Mullin Rule article

  Unanimously to recommend the article on the Mullin Rule; Alisa will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to recommend the article to rescind the General Bylaws, Article IV, Housing Review Board; Diana will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously to recommend the article amending the Town's Human Rights Bylaw; Gerry will speak to this at Town Meeting

  Unanimously in a single vote to approve the four special wine and malt liquor licenses as detailed on the motion sheet

  To approve the minutes of the March 16th and 23rd meetings, in a single vote, of 3 in favor, 2 abstaining (Brewer, O'Keeffe)

Agreed, without voting:

  To separate the taking of minutes from the Clerk's position, which had been a recent arrangement based on convenience

  To find an alternative to Select Board members doing the minutes, because it hinders full participation

  That the BID presentation on Friday at 9:00 a.m. at Amherst Cinema would be informational and not deliberative, so potential attendance of a Select Board quorum is not an Open Meeting Law concern


  That Larry consider options for staff handling of Select Board minutes

  That the proposal for distribution of emergency shelter and fuel assistance funds from the Waxman case be considered by the Committee on Homelessness before coming to the Select Board for endorsement

  That the Select Board be informed of the Town's plans, once they are formalized, for better coordination of information and service referrals in eviction cases

  Informally, to learn if the new score board planned for donation at Community Field will be solar-powered

  More information about how and where retiree benefits are accounted for in the budget, with an emphasis on making the budget presentation as logical as possible

Items to be added to the 4/13 agenda:

  Personnel Proposal (postponed due to the late hour)

  Member Reports: JCPC Update, Municipal Breakfast Reports, Annual Report Update, Hadley Parade Update, Liaison & Representative Reports (postponed due to the late hour)

  Chair's Report (postponed due to the late hour)

  Consideration of draft March Select Board Report (wasn't completed in time for this meeting)

Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily 4/13:


Materials to be brought back to the next meeting:

  Personnel Proposal document


Eva Schiffer said:

Why not propose to the Board that the summary which you prepare after each meeting, like the one above, be considered an adequate record -- i.e. minutes -- of the meeting and as such be considered for amendment and approval?

Past experience with staff taking minutes -- in addition to placing the additional burden on a now reduced office staff -- has not always been satisfactory, and while pages and pages of transcript-like minutes are indeed likely to be difficult for a SB member to take while trying to participate in discussion, you yourself -- even as chair -- are obviously able and willing to keep a clear and useful and perfectly adequate record of the evening's proceedings.

ACTV tapes are available to anyone interested in more details.

Eva Schiffer said:

P.S. Date, place, times (call to order and adjournment), and attendance would obviously have to be added, but that's all, as I see it.

Kate Seaman (from the SB office, for those who don't know) has proposed something similar -- taking the list info, formatting it appropriately as minutes, and filling in some gaps and extra info. She is a real perfectionist, so I have no doubt that whatever she suggests will serve the SB and the public very well.

Eva Schiffer said:

Perfect. Go, Kate!



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