May 11, 2009 Post-Meeting List

Called to Order at 6:03, adjourned at 7:23


  Unanimously, that Aaron would represent the Select Board in Kanegasaki, Japan (Gerry had been nominated last week, but found he had a scheduling conflict)

  Unanimously to approve the Town Manager's appointment of David Webber to the Planning Board, for a term to expire June 30, 2010, filling the unexpired term of Susan Pynchon

Agreed, without votes:

  To seek to adjourn Town Meeting to June 15th instead of June 1st, to allow more time to learn State budget details, so as to better inform budget recommendations and the Finance Committee's report to Town Meeting; and to let Town Meeting members know that they might possibly receive that report with less than the usual two-weeks advance time

  To cancel the Select Board meetings scheduled before Town Meeting sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays leading up to June 15th, and to change the location of the Monday meetings to Town Hall

  To affirm the recent decision that we will not meet the week of Memorial Day

  That Stephanie will consider Aaron's proposed changes to Diana's draft committee term expiration e-mail, incorporate them as she sees fit, and coordinate with Judith so that those can go out this week or next

  That Stephanie would move to postpone Article 13 to after Article 30


  That the Town Manager's budget recommendation document be made available to Town Meeting members and the public as soon as possible, perhaps by posting it on the Town Web site

Items to be added to the 5/18 agenda:

  Approve April Select Board Report (draft was not ready for this meeting)

Items to be added to a future agenda, not necessarily the next one:

  Taking positions on the proposed Town budget and on a pending proposal for reserve use

Materials to be brought back to the next meeting:


Issues not resulting in actions:

  Larry's Town Manager's report included:  an update on the progress of the Town's draft vehicle use policy; the swearing-in ceremony of the new UMass Police Chief and the opportunity for closer collaboration between the Amherst and UMass departments; active assistance to help Amherst College identify a partner for the Lord Jeff project;  the first meeting of the Fire and Police Chief search panels; participation in a forum about issues facing the schools; and participation in and attendance at multiple recent events (Ultimate tournament, Survival Center dunk tank, DPW retirement party; A Better Chance benefit)


Abbie said:

If I am still in town and make it to the last TM mtg of the summer and we finish the budget, I am walking out before Article 13. Maybe others will also walk out and then there won't be a quorum left to consider Article 13. Frankly, I value my own time more than V. O'Connor's.

Abbie's Brain said:

Of course that will also mean that this TM cannot adjourn, and thus I will have wasted not only
my own time, but everyone else's time, including V. O'Connor's.

Abbie said:

guess it should only be me then... but I'm walking.

Larry Kelley said:

That's actually an interesting point. If Town Meeting doesn't adjourn then we don't have a budget. Hmmm...

I'd still be with you Abbie; but fortunately for me I will be in South Korea (booked the trip back when TM was supposed to reconvene June 1)

anom said:

i am right behind youo(or maybe in front of you) one man can waste so many peoples' time on such useless .... !!!! and he is allowed..... why people are afraid of...i will never know

Jim Pistrang said:

FYI, TM can adjourn without a quorum. If it couldn't, the remaining members would have a problem! As far as I can tell, TM can also dissolve without a quorum at the discretion of the Moderator.


Larry Kelley said:

Leave it to a Mac guy to clear the air.

Hey, maybe you should pull a coup d'├ętat (a la Lt. Gov Evelyn Murphy when Gov. Duke when to Japan) and dissolve TM when the Big Dog is away.

Mr. Moderator said:

Town Meeting must deal with every article before it dissolves. Neither the Acting Moderator
nor the Moderator has the discretion imagined in the previous posts.



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