May 4, 2009 Post-Meeting List

Called to order: 6:30 p.m.; adjourned 7:22 p.m.


  To approve the two special liquor license applications, per the motion sheet, in a single vote of 4-0, 1 absent (Brewer)

  To approve the appointments of Touria Eaton and Sally Fitz to the Agricultural Commission, and Margaret (Rachel) Hankinson to the Public Arts Commission, per the motion sheet, in a vote of 4-0, 1 absent (Brewer)

  To approve the letter supporting using Federal stimulus funds for the Manhan Rail Trail

Agreed, without votes:

  That the draft minutes of 4/13 and 4/22 are too sparse and need more information (it was not discussed who would do this or how it would happen)

  That additional discussion is needed about the Select Board's expectations of the handling of expiring committee terms (to clarify what we think our policy is, and how to communicate and implement that)

  That additional discussion is needed regarding the Kanegasaki invitation (Stephanie said that she would not be able to accept the invitation; Gerry suggested that the SB reconsider its position in light of Anne Awad's letter; Diana said that an Asian affairs expert she consulted said it was important to accept the invitation)

  That we will meet on Wednesday, May 6th, as scheduled


  Copies of the grant application materials for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, and reiterated the Select Board's request for more information about grants, in order to establish a standard grant review process

  That Stephanie get clarification on what kind of recommendations/feedback the Finance Committee is looking for from the SB, per the BCG meeting

Items to be added to the 5/6 agenda (subject to change):

  Discussion of the Kanegasaki invitation

  Discussion of the process and communication for handling expiring committee terms

  Also expected: presentation of Article 13 - Petition, Gas Tax

Items to be added to the 5/11 agenda (subject to change):

  Budget issues:  Select Board recommendations for the Finance Committee; Select Board support for a reserve use proposal; discussion of CPA use for capital

Materials to be brought back to next meeting:

  Draft committee term letters (from 5/4 packet)

  Kanegasaki materials from 4/22 packet and Awad letter from our desks 4/27

Issues not resulting in actions:

  Heard presentation from Dr. Barbara Love and Epi Bodhi of Health Department's work in learning from and educating Town staff about the role race, gender and class plays in public health.  Town officials, Town Meeting members and community members are encouraged to attend a May 19th event (flier was provided) at the Amherst Cinema featuring parts of the documentary "Unnatural Causes," and a dialogue among participants

  Epi and Larry provided updates on the H1N1/Swine Flu situation, and Larry read an update from the State's Department of Public Health

  Larry read Chief Scherpa's letter describing the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant in to the record, as required for the grant application

  Larry referenced the Committee on Homelessness' concerns about the proposed process for distributing funds from the Waxman case; those concerns will be addressed before the proposal comes to the Select Board for endorsement; in the meantime, use of those funds for emergency shelter and fuel assistance is at Larry's discretion

  Diana spoke of a community service awards reception she attended, and praised the multitude of UMass students participating in community service through volunteering and course work



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